Who’s that where?

and where that chord changey bit on Baby Come Back is obviously me mimicking Steely Dan (or Nightfly actually), the middle bit of Hole in my Heart where I go – gone, gone gone, – is me doing a David Bowie….and maybe a bit on the chorus of Baby Come Back, but not much.

Then there’s Stevie Wonder, Tom Waits, Billy Joel, Heaven 17 and a mention of Station to Station on I’ll be there. And Frank Sinatra references on same. Plus plenty more.

I’m in there somewhere, I’m sure.

Average White Band especially Hamish Stewart. Tamla. Nile Rogers. Morriconi. Just like Elliot Randall on guitar. Just like Deodato on Fender Rhodes. More more more. Giorgio Moroder. Paul McCartney/The Beatles on Heaven Knows, as well as Billy Joel; duh…..

In fact I thought I could give a prize for the most number of correct references I’ve used on the album. I won’t hold my breath.

And Robert Fripp guitar on High Anxiety!