Month: November 2015

You’ve had the book, you’ve had the soundtrack: now here’s the movie

I really must keep up my blog: in any event a video of “Hole in my Heart” is on its way. I don’t quite know why suddenly all the professional types are being so helpful and actually know what they’re doing perhaps it’s just one of those things, perhaps it’s the effect of the new arts and music colleges but the director asked me for a brief, I gave them the brief and to all intents and purposes there it is. It looks great. The world has lost a great comic for endless years. Ah well, it hasn’t been so bad for me…..

So now I need to write a script for 2084, weave a love story between Magdalena and Spencer, ¬†fit in the songs from Romantic Fiction and make a movie. It’s that easy! See you in Tinseltown!!